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Generosity, hospitality, comfort, more expensive excursions, all at the same time 365... and Spain is still a chance to experience a different culture... I am quite impressed and stuck... I want to come to the sea cue season...
19.02-25.02.23 blankblankblankblankblank
Thank you very much for organizing the tour. You have a team of professionals. Everything was wonderful. This is the shortest week in the entire river. It so happened that on February 24, 2022, I was on the way from my homeland to Truskavets 365. We drove home to celebrate our tears. And exactly across the river I only know you from Spain. I’m singing that after our victory, I’m getting stronger again. This is the place where you want to turn.
Kovalenko Inna
19.02-25.02.23 blankblankblankblankblank
Thank you for organizing a miraculous recovery! We were so lucky to have spring with you that we came again in the spring 🙂 And although our emotions were brighter for the first time, we went on an excursion, since it was not time for the last time, we took a longer walk around the place itself, we decided. The hedgehog is still so tasty! There wasn’t a single piece of licorice left for the evening, I still wanted a bun 🙂 A sightseeing tour is very easy, but you need to spend the whole hour plotting routes on your own and joking about what to do with yourself. Sandwiches for a daily snack were very much in line with the theme that was popularized about this as well ♡
Nesterenko Tetyana
25.09-01.10.22, 26.03-01.04.23 blankblankblankblankblank
Mittevo has flown by for two years, and it’s been done! We really enjoyed the group excursions. Let's thank our guide, Mrs. Vira, for the results, reliability and inconsistency.
They dedicated a lot of time and a special task. We went to a flamenco concert, took a boat trip to Tossa de Mar, and saw a lot of new locations on our own.
I especially want to thank the chef of the hotel, Mrs. Larisa, for the delicious food that evening, for the homely and quiet atmosphere. The same goes for all the restaurant staff!
The girl at the reception is really great! Respectful to every guest. It seems like you live at home in Ukraine. What a skin!
We mingled with the guests, everyone was well done!
What would you like to please?
Meals with transfer were provided upon arrival. We already know everything, and we would have known it on our own.
We were satisfied with our stay. Everything was good: tidying up and everything else.
SPECIALLY a donation for the POOL!
The work has been completed efficiently.
And for this your merit is great!
Volodymyr and Zoya Kalina
18.06-01.07.23 blankblankblankblankblank
Good evening! I filled out the form yesterday, so I’ll write a few words to him here about hostility in the end. Of course, the stench is mega-positive! I would like to thank the administration and hotel staff for the warm welcome, delicious food in the evening, and for the special respect for the youngest member of our homeland on this national day! Thanks to the tour guide Vira, who organized our trip so efficiently and dynamically, providing a wealth of educational information for our intellectual development! It used to be fun and quiet at Nadine’s concerts. It’s nice to know that this hotel is trying the hardest for Ukrainians!
It is best to look forward to expanding the topics of excursion programs, so that we can discover something new for ourselves! I wish the hotel further development and prosperity, so that every day all the rooms will be occupied!!!!!!!
Bokhun Natalia
02.07-08.07.23 blankblankblankblankblank
I also want to deprive you of my opinion - so as not to disappoint 365 again, it’s great for the entire team, who reports on the progress in the organization, with you it’s easy for the managers, and it’s great for the resource manager Vira, Let the cooks, the cleaners, have a lot of cleanliness. Prohannya don’t hesitate and let’s expand the geography for the sake of repair😊
Zinchenko Tetyana
02.07-08.07.23 blankblankblankblankblank
Vіdpochinok is super!!!! Thank you for the atmosphere of calm, safety, delicious food and the most beautiful year of Vir ❤️
We are very pleased with the repair. According to the guide, we didn’t miss this excursion. We welcome you to Vera for many excursions. A lot of positive enemies. 
Kudos to the cook Larisa and the assistants for the delicious hedgehog. 
Thanks to the hotel staff for their kindness, cleanliness and comfort of the rooms. 
We will recommend the hotel.❤️
Spivak Victoria
10.09-16.09.23 blankblankblankblankblank
Good day everyone, we also come to the end of the day, I realize that it was already nice to consult a professional guide) Thank you for your humanity and generosity! Thank you for delicious omelettes, puree soups, fish and Spanish relishes for everyone). Excursions, transfers, everything is great, organized and comfortable. Okrema tsarynka - terrace, super cool view of the place and mountains. Thank you to everyone for taking spilkuvaniya. Prosperity for Ridomar, Ukraine Victory!
Ryabusheva Tetyana
10.09-16.09.23 blankblankblankblankblank
I would like to sincerely thank all the hotel staff from the cleaning lady to the hotel owner for a great stay. You are all truly professionals and enthusiasts of your craft!
I have been traveling for more than 10 years, but this is the first time I have come across such thoughtfulness and attention to every detail. I would especially like to highlight Vera, she is an extraordinary person who bestows attention and care on everyone who comes under her care. In addition, she is a wonderful guide, interested in new facts of history, and clearly loves her job. It's a pleasure to listen to her, I can spend hours listening to her. I also want to thank Andrey for the wonderful walks to new interesting places near Lorriet de Mar; yesterday he discovered for us the very beautiful small town of Tossa de Mar, which I advise everyone to visit, where we spent time in a warm, friendly atmosphere.
I was very pleased with my vacation and will take with me unforgettable impressions and warm memories! I will also recommend RIDOMAR 365 to all my acquaintances and friends.
Rivne Nadiya
24.09-30.09.23 blankblankblankblankblank
Due to the price and educational routes along the roads of Catolonia. The excursion to Girona with Olga was a great excursion for the middle-class. A walk through the locations of the film adaptation of the series “Game of Thrones” initially opened a portal to an ancient hour of history. Thank you to our guide Andrey for the great information about the important places to explore in Barcelona, and for the friendly gathering during the tour. And with our guide, Vera, we still get cost-free lessons in the Polish language. We wish you energy and intensity in your work, in every way and in a positive manner.
Ryauzova Tetyana
01.10-07.10.23 blankblankblankblankblank
This is my first acquaintance with Spain and I’m really glad that it was with the help of agency 365! Great excursions of the day, professional tours, a comfortable and welcoming hotel, delicious hedgehogs, wide and respectful food, which is the basis of all food! This is why my heart will be filled with warm welcomes. I hope to visit here more than once!
Victoria Kalyuzhna
22.10-28.10.23 blankblankblankblankblank
Good day.
I would like to leave you my comment in French language, for French tourists. 
We were hoping for the end of the day, everything turned out just right. 
Un grand merci à l'équipe de l'Hôtel Ridomar! Accueil depuis l'aéroport, service de chambre, restaurant buffet, programs d'excursions - tout était au plus haut niveau. Il n'y a eu qu'un seul cas de force majeure concernant l'organisation du voyage à Barcelone, mais tout s'est bien terminé, c'était amusant))). l'Espagne est un pays magnifique et nous aimerions y revenir!  
Svitlana et Bogdan))).
Have a wonderful day and happy tourists!
Kirichun Svitlana
22.10-31.10.23 blankblankblankblankblank
Thank you so much to the hotel "RIDOMAR 365" for such a rich program! In a short hour of arrival, many of them began to grow, and many of them realized that they would lose their enemies for the rest of their lives! Respect to those who have known you for a long time! It was already quite pleasant to drink!

I would like to see the wonderful guide Andriy! A man who will long for us to the beautiful sights of this wonderful place! You are a neutral person! Dear, dear to you! We will never forget our sustrichs! And also the other Virochka and Oleksia for the incredible information that we received during the excursion! We are so rich that we want to explore this incredibly beautiful Spain even more! I love you!
With respect to you,
from Ukraine Valentina Laskarzhevska!
Laskarzhevska Valentina
15.10-28.10.23 blankblankblankblankblank
I prefer the hotel's "Vidpochinok 365" for the first time. Zhodny was never punished and his hotel was vibrated. Incredible Vera conducted many excursions, and the great, polite staff was always ready to help. We will definitely recommend repairs together with your team.
Tsetsereva Svitlana
05.11-15.11.23 blankblankblankblankblank
Thanks for the miraculous restoration, hospitality, incredible Spain, we are shaking because we are missing the bright stories that Vira so miraculously told us, we will probably get back to you with great satisfaction!!!
Chizhevska Lyudmila
12.11-18.11.23 blankblankblankblankblank
The tour is so wonderful that I recommend not to bother with anything but to go alone...Everything is thought out to the utmost detail...hotel, food, excursions, accommodation to the highest standards - all on the highest level. The leader of the group, having worked everything out so that we could live in this wonderful land, it is clear that the repairs will soon end... Recommended for 1000%
Lyudmila Chizhevskaya
12.11-18.11.23 blankblankblankblankblank
It’s an unrealistic day, service on a high level, great excursions, friendly staff and a very tasty kitchen. Great for these emotions
Victoria Chernishova
19.11-25.11.23 blankblankblankblankblank
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